The Lightning

Intercloud lightnings over Toulouse (France). ...

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The Danger Of Lightning

It was around 4:30pm, when a minor typhoon struck our resident, here in the palm estate were I work.
Suddenly the heavy rain poured on , a minute later the lightning struck with out caution.
I was inside my house surfing the internet with my PC. I was shock with the heavy light interring to house then followed by the loud roar of thunder. All of a sudden the light in the house gone off. I stand quickly from my set and looked outside. What a dazzling light of lightning seconds by seconds continuously striking off.
I want to go to take a look for the gen sets , I was the one who is on duty that time, but I;m afraid of the lightning so I waited till the rain goes off.The thunderstorm last for an hour before it stop. It was already 5:30pm, time to change power for the gen sets. As I inter the engine room the engine still running, but has no current at all.
I was in doubt that the dynamo of the gen set is damaged.

The following day, I made a report to my manager about the incident. The manager immediately call an electrician and I was not mistaken we found out it’s really the dynamo was damaged, struck by the lightning .

Repair Cost

This gen set is 85 KVA branded by Cummins England. Has been brought to the workshop in Lahad Datu Province for the repair. Not the whole gen set has been repaired, but only the dynamo that was damage as shown in the pictures.

It took 5 days for the electricians to recoil the dynamo.Our Estate Manager told them to make it ready as fast as possible, because our office needed the current to run for the computers which are use to records of all the daily wages and other important files to stored into the computers.

The three gen set are already 13 years old. May be this should be
the time for the Company to get the new generator. In fact these 3 gen set making the round robin in getting damage. If One had been fixed the other will be malfunctioning.

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