We Just Don’t Think Deeply

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We Just Don’t Think Deeply

Allah S.W. T have created human beings just perfect, most of us did not notice His creation on us.
What made us not really as perfect as it should be is that, some of us did not use their mind, although we have this ability to think, or may be some us just ignore this. because of personal bad intention to others. We know the truth, or the consequences of our actions, but strong desires overcome our brilliant mind. to think positively.

In ancient era people fighting with each other to survive, to get a throne, the strong will survive and the weak will be down.
That was a time of uncivilized people. But today we are in well-educated,and high-tech era, although there is a few who is an illiterate, as I’ve observed most people who did crimes for now a day are highly educated persons. I even asked myself why people in these level can’t even control their emotions, can’t use their mind to think? Thy are well-trained, well motivated and even well-disciplined persons, still doing bad, or even worst to others. What about the uneducated not to do that? Its better may to be an illiterate, they even know how to love others, they are more respectful than educated one.

These are what happen if we neglected our religious belief and responsibilities. most of educated person have high knowledge of everything, including religion of every race in this world. We just don’t think deeply that we are created to love, to respect each other and to keep up peace and live in harmony with every people in this beautiful world.

What a pleasant life we have if all people in this world do what our religion told us to do. There is no religion teach his followers to do bad things, but it’s we people does, neglecting our responsibility as a human.

It is true in a saying that ” In human there’s an animal, but in animal there is no human”

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