The cute Little boy

He was born on August 02, 2008.

This picture was taken two days after birth His name is Mohammad Aris Illyas My beloved grandson.

He is two days old in this picture.To me his so cute . My this is the felling of  a grandfather who got the first grand


8 days old wearing his baby gloves. Do you think he could a boxing champion in the future? Who knows, may be someday he will become a wrestler.

A year after. he was still cute little baby boy. for me he become more cute. he has his own ability.not like the other baby boy. On 6 months old he already knew how to get down the stairs of 8 steeps with falling. He can even got upstairs, although that time he was still crawling not walking. That’s normal for a baby of six before they can walk they will learn by crawling, but this baby with out our consent we wonder why he was full of dirt.  knowing he was down stairs upon our neighbour  told us that he was playing  on the ground and they saw him getting up back to the house. He also knows to dance shuffle at the age of 6 months until he grew up 11/2 years old but  this time he is  already 2 year and 2 months. that ability has lost . He did not anymore dancing when told him to dance. I’m doubt that there might be some factors that affect his ability. Is that really the behavior of a baby when they are getting old forgetting their unusual acts? may be some can give a comments about this?



This time he was trying to learn to write. Look at the picture he is holding a pencil. He disturbed his uncle studying. When he saw person writing  he also wants to write. I have videos recorded while he was dancing but there is a problem when I upload some of it, so I cannot upload the videos. If t here is someone who can help me or telling me the best way to upload videos I need your help. As long as it is free, because I have not enough money to pay for it. I’m writing a blog just fun and may be I share something to the readers of my blogs. I appreciate people who voluntarily lend their hands and abilities to improved my Hobby of writing.



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