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This is a business online I’ve  newly involved. It’s an easy reload for prepaid hand phones. Two months ago I register myself as MyMode mobile agent. To be a member we have to pay for just RM65.00. Where RM55.00 is for the membership fee and the rest is for our modal as  a new business beginner. That is RM11.00. For my first  additional  cash for MyMode Mypoints modal I have bank in RM200.00. It was going smoothly, until I Bank in another RM300.00 on 15th of November 2010.

I was in a hurry that day, because our  bus passenger need to go back  early to our place where I live.
I have bank in the total of RM300.00 to one of the three bank accounts of my admin. I’ve save these in my hand phone‘s notes for reference purposes. the big mistake that I’ve done was that, I didn’t check out the updated bank accounts number of the admin, so had bank in the money into the inactive bank account.

After I had bank in the money. I immediately went to bus stop to go back to Matamba, the palm estate where I stay and work as a laborer in this palm plantation. I’ ve been hoping that my business will be going on again, although I got only a little profit on it. just RM0.10/ RM5.00, but I’m happy for doing this. Aside from be able to sell a reload for my friend’s hand phones and co workers, I also can have my own reload from it. I can do my  business anytime anywhere even in the middle of the night. I like  to be a public servant. I can help people who is in need for the reload when they are urgently in need  for the mobile phone reload..

I was shocked and almost lost my mind knowing that the money that I had bank in was not received by my admin. I can’t stand on my feet.. I was trembling. Yes of course it was only a small amount of money you might think like that. But for me, that was big amount. That’s my half month salary you?. I got myself involve in this  online business  hoping that I could have an extra income, but in reverse I’ve lost my modal.

I made I a call to the admin after several sms I had sent cannot resolved my problem. I was getting more frightened that I had really lost my RM300.00 when my admin said that I was cheated because he did not receive any amount from me. I was not satisfied with his clarifications so I opened my lap top and had the internet on. I used yahoo messenger because my mobile phone was out credit anymore. I didn’t buy a reload because I have this business and I can bought from it for my reload. I asked Mr Adi, who is my admin, if a bank account has been closed for a long time, where could be my money goes?, because he told before  that the  bank account where I bank in the money was already  closed   for two years, He said that, usually the money will not be accepted by bank’s ATM. I used an Agro Bank ATM card to do the bank to bank money transfer.

My mistake is that, I didn’t check out the receipt before leaving the bank.  It has came into mind to check the receipt after Mr Adi told me that matter. What a shy was that I’ve made to myself. It’s true below the receipt was written “TRANSACTION INVALID”. That’s made me feel better. Thanks to Allah, I haven’t lost  my three hundred ringgit.

This is what happen to me,  doing business luck of knowledge. It’s because of my carelessness. This experience will make me more careful. We have to learn from our own mistake and improve ourselves. That’s what  in the sayings “The one who did not commit a mistake is the one who does nothing”
What ever it is, This uplift me and made me more curious on doing something in my life. Experience will  make us more matured.
By Deksi

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