A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

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A Stitch In Time Saves Nine or Stitch all time save nothing

This was the tittle of the story  base on proverbs which means ”  Doing a job on time is better than to delay it, because it would be more difficult for us to accomplish it”. The story base on this proverb I’d read 2 decayed ago. I can’t remember the whole story, but the tittle came into my mind while I was sewing pieces of cloth –  remnants of my repaired pants. I stitched the pieces of cloth to make  bags.  Sometimes we  just take for granted a little tear on our clothes until it got bigger and bigger and difficult for us to fix it. Why just don’t fix it earlier? ” A Stitch In Time Saves Nine” .My story is not actually following the of this proverbs. Wants to know? Then read my story.

A Stitch In Time Saves nine. I have my version of this story. Stitch All Times save Money. That was should it be happen , but in my case is different. I am sewing pants, dresses as my odd job, aside from being a Gen Sets Operator in Matamba estate one of the biggest palm oil plantation in Sabah Malaysia.  The plantations workers or what we  called in malay language as penombak – (the fresh fruit bunch cutters or a harvesters). Asking for a bag for them to pack their food supply that they brought to the blocks- an area where they worked. The estate is divided into phases and in every phase has 15 to 30 blocks with an average measurement of more or less than 45 hectares per block. This estate has 5 phases and has 78 blocks. Most of the workers where cutters and the rest are manuring, slashing and the hauler . They usually asking for bags from me. So it came into my mind to stitch the pieces of cloth and turned  it a bag – my home-made bags, rather than to just trow it into a trash.It’s better to make it into a valuable stuffs. In other words to recycle it. It’s only a low quality bags not like the one  in the shops. It has a good-looking style and firm. My bag is simple. What the workers up to is for packing their food and water supply they brought to the blocks for lunch, for they are working till the sun sets. They prepare to use my home-made bags compared to that one in a shop. They said my bags were even lasted  longer than what they had bought in store.

Stitching almost all of my leisure time to save money.  To have an extra.  That was should it be, but it’s not. My co-workers not buying my bags in cash. They got it as a loan and paying it upon receiving their salary by the end of the month, but it came in other way.  I’m waiting them to pay my money for the bags, but I’ve got nothing  at all. They didn’t pay as  what they had promised to me. How could I save money when even my capitals  to compensate  the sewing  materials I didn’t even recovered? . Every day, months and  years, I’ve waited them to pay, but until this time no one had pay their debt to me. Shyness made me to lost my income in making bags, pants and even dresses. I Ashamed or hesitate to ask them to pay. I waited them to pay. When is that? I don’t know.

Those kind of people can never be trusted. They are my acquaintance ,meeting them every day, But it’s me who feel ashamed but not not them. Now I’ve change my method on selling my home-made bags. “Pay as you get”. My new procedure made them  stop buying my stuff. Anyway it’s the other way around, they  bought or not.  They just want it for free, there is no difference on it. They bought but not paying it, or not to ask me to sew a bag  for them is just the same. It’s even better if I don’t sew a bag ,  I never have  to lost my capitals and efforts.

I don’t know who is  right and who is wrong?  With these kind of people around me, selfish, greedy and shameless. Why should I care with them. I have my life and I do what I think the right thing to do. This has really prostrating me. As customers lessen and lessen asking  to me to sew for a bags, dresses and pants, thinking that I have much free time now, I decided to writes blogs. Putting all my ideas and experiences to share with others. This might ease my tensions.

Now during my free time,  I found myself setting in front of my lap top writing something on my blogs. Either there will be readers  interest my blog or not it’s not my point. What I am up to is   to voice out my problems to others. It is better than to talk to myself  just to ease me  from  stress and tensions. Let the whole world know my life’s experiences.

I’m happy for what I am doing now.

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