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Spams and Scams What are All of these About?

One day I received an email a person whom didn’t know. Her name is Esther Konle as stated on he email letter. I don’t have any idea about this woman. her email made almost to believe and made a reply to her email. But when I think it back, how could a highly educated person should do this?. Her father has a high position his country. Why should she do this sending email, I main a spam to person who she didn’t really know? upon all of that questions came out into my mind, First thing did was to check out if what she told is true. I open the website that she written on her spam email. I almost convinced after reading CNN news telling the story as what she told in her letter. The News contents is like this:

Plane crashes carrying Kenya minister

  • Story Highlights
  • Roads minister, assistant home affairs minister die in plane crash
  • Six-seater Cessna crashed in western Kenya; minister’s aide and pilot also died
  • NEW: President Mwai Kibaki: Our country has lost leaders of immense potential
  • Plane was flying from Nairobi to Kericho, in the Rift Valley
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From CNN’s David McKenzie
Decrease font Decrease font
Enlarge font Enlarge fontNAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) — A plane crashed Tuesday in western Kenya, killing all four people on board, including a Cabinet minister and an assistant minister, President Mwai Kibaki said.

The two senior government figures were members of Raila Odinga‘s party.”The wreckage has been found and there are no survivors,” Kibaki said, according to the government Web site.Kenyan Roads Minister Kipkalya Kones and Assistant Minister of Home Affairs Lorna Laboso had been on board the Cessna 210, which was headed to Kericho, in the RiftValley.The plane crashed in a remote area called Kajong’a, in western Kenya, Kibaki said.The president identified the two others killed as Kenneth Kiprono Bett, who worked for Kones, and the pilot.”Our country has lost leaders of immense potential at their prime age and with a promising future,” Kibaki said. “Let us all remain united at this moment of sorrow as a nation.”Salim Lone, a government spokesman, told CNN earlier that the plane crashed about an hour after it took off from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport around 2:18 p.m. local time (7:18 a.m. ET).

“This is terrible, and utterly unimaginable news for us in Kenya, where there has been so much suffering recently,” Lone said.He did not know what caused the crash, but said, “There is absolutely no hint of foul play. It looks like a terrible tragedy.”Both Kones and Laboso belonged to the Orange Democratic Movement party (ODM), which joined Kibaki’s Party of National Unity (PNU) in a coalition government earlier this year under an United Nations-brokered agreement that brought an end to the violence that ripped the nation after Kibaki’s disputed re-election in late December.

More than 1,000 people were killed and 350,000 were displaced in the violence, according to the Kenyan Red Cross.Under the agreement, Kibaki retained the presidency while ODM leader Raila Odinga became prime minister. A new cabinet took office in April, with equal representation from both ODM and PNU.The officials’ deaths came a day before parliamentary by-elections in five districts in Kenya.

But before I send my reply I was curious enough to check out the name “Esther Kipkalya Kones” on the internet. I type her name on search box and what I found is this:

The so-called “419” scam is a type of fraud dominated by criminals from Nigeria and other countries in Africa. Victims of the scam are promised a large amount of money, such as a lottery prize, inheritance, money sitting in some bank account, etc.

Victims never receive this non-existent fortune but are tricked into sending their money to the criminals, who remain anonymous. They hide their real identity and location by using fake names and fake postal addresses as well as communicating via anonymous free email accounts and mobile phones.

Keep in mind that scammers DO NOT use their real names when defrauding people.
The criminals either abuse names of real people or companies or invent names or addresses.
Any real people or companies mentioned below have NO CONNECTION to the scammers!

The other one is this:

The internet has been hailed as the “death of distance”. This has not only brought benefits, as the internet has also removed the distance between you and criminals. It has brought crime to your desktop. Phishing scams, advance fee fraud (Nigeria scams), fraudulent online transactions and many other dangers are lurking when you use email or visit websites. The police is not able to protect you from all those dangers.

We track online scams on our website and publish to warn others. We also provide a data feed for blocking spam, which includes emails that are used for criminal purposes.

And below is her Spam Email to me.


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Saturday, 4 December 2010 1:10:28 PM

Hello my dear,Good day to you and how is everything? Honestly I am glad to write you this letter and I hope you will find it favourable to hear me out. My name is Esther Kipkalya Kones from Kenya, i am 24 years old and the daughter of the former Kenyan road minister late Dr Kipkalya Kones who died on Tuesday 10th June 2008 along the Cessna 210 plane crash which was heading to Kericho in a remote area called Kajonga in western Kenya as You can read more on the crash below: 


Although we are just getting to know each other please consider it as a divine wish and accept it with a better understanding,I believe you have come to hare the good life with me because i am very lonely where i am,i just need your honest attention as you will consider me to be your sister perhaps your closest friend. earnestly i am writing this mail with tears and sorrow from my heart due to the condition i find myself after the passing away of my parent and notwithstanding the whole tragic situation my step mother made me feel mallested and rejected without any cause simply because my mum had died earlier and i am from a polygamous family. Thereafter the funeral of my late dad,my stepmother and my uncle with their african mentality conspired and sold off my father’s properties worth milions of dollar to an italian expertrate and shared the money among themselves living me with nothing.

One faithful morning as i tried to open my father’s briefcase,i found an important documents with which my father had deposited some money in my name as the next of kin at the African development bank,Burkina Faso. I had travelled down to Burkina Faso to withdraw some of the money to take good care of my self because i am in difficulty but the Bank Director whom I met in person highlited me on my father’s instruction to the bank concerning the money and how it should be withdrawn that only on the account that i am married or i should present to the bank an honest,responsible and worthy trustee whom will assist me in reclaiming the fund into safe hands and transfer it for an investment as i finish up my education. In my search for a reliable person i have found you as some one i can count on and I believe that you will not betray my trust on you but rather take me as your own sister or closest friend because right now i am suffering terribly here in Burkina faso in the refugee camp as i have no body to rescue me from this strange situation in a foreign land.

I have chosen you to be my best companion and in my prayers i am convinced that you will be the true one to rescue me from this trouble as my trustee and i am having the trust that wih you i will accompish this successfully. I have the money confirmed in the bank $7.2 million in their records as unclaimed bill in my father account and i have the death certificate and the deposit certificate of the fund to state as proof of my geneuity. I shall compensate you 40% from the money in as much as you could help with the necessary requirements to make the transfer of this money into your account successfully. I wait upon your positive response showing your interest and ability to stand for me in this situation to carry out this transaction and in the light of the above i shall appreciate your urgent message indicating your willingness to help me with all your mind to achieve this successfully with a better details about yourself ok. Thanks and God bless you as i look forward to seeing your reply.

Your Sincerely
Miss Esther Kipkalya

To really convince myself about this email, I made a report of this spams. And I received the reply to my report from Linda DePeeel.

Re: Spam Report

Linda DePeel  la_balck_rose@yahoo.com)

Sent:Sun 12/5/2010/ 11:13AM

To: Deksi Sakilan


Scam and spam are used interchangeably, but spams are more of a nuisance than anything else–scams usually make promises that aren’t worth anything, and they want money. It looks like what you have sent is what is known as a Nigerian 419 Advance-Fee Fraud. Although it doesn’t stem from Nigeria, the 419’s originated there. What this little lady wants is for you to send her money, even though she hasn’t asked for it. But if you reply to her, you can bet that she will be asking! And the “Kipkalaya Klan” as I have dubbed them all have the same story. So I hope you didn’t reply, and I thank you for sending this to me. I will try to get it posted as soon as I can, so that others will be warned.

Thank you again, and I wish you a happy holiday season!


Linda DePeel

So from now on, I will be very careful to this type of email before sending a reply. This experience really made me learn something important knowledge  about Emails.

Actually Spammers or scammers didn’t really used their real identity, instead they uses other people’s identity. So be Careful.

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