Nokia ‘on a burning platform,’ CEO warns in memo – Yahoo! Malaysia News

Nokia ‘on a burning platform,’ CEO warns in memo – Yahoo! Malaysia News.

I am a Nokia hand phone user for almost ten years and I have bought 4 models  of Nokia phones for that period. My first Nokia  phone model was the Nokia 3310. I was bought it on early 2003. That model is still functioning  until this day. Although this hand phone has been swamped into sea water over night, after a little repair to some parts that had damaged,  it works as if it is new.

The second Nokia phone model I’ve got was Nokia 6600. I bought it on November 2004. I like to hear musics and taking pictures. So I decided to buy this model where it was new in the market. I have this phone until the 3G Nokia hand phone was marketed in Malaysia. So I bought another model of Nokia phone.

I bought Nokia N70 for the purpose of connecting to Internet, Because it has a 3G support Internet connection and faster than GPRS.

This phone had also been poured by rain water  in my bed room.  The rain dropped  through the roof  whole and dropped to  my phone. That was damaged the IC charger connector of my phone. I  sent for repair. Again  My Nokia N70 functioning as usual until now. The time this phone was in the shop for a repair. I bought another model.

The N73 Nokia smart phone. I bought it on September 2008. I like smart phones where I got 3 in 1. Why? because aside from communicating others, I can hear my favorite  musics either the mp3 songs from its memory card or from the built in radio station software. I can also take any pictures that of beautiful scenery.

Mobile phones are of different types and model. But I like Nokia phones products, not with the software or with its format or platforms or with its supported software, but what I am after with Nokia phone is its durability rather than  the platforms or any other functions.  Anyway its up to our choice which phone models meets our satisfaction.

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