Ring of Fire – Pacific Ring of Fire

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Ring of Fire – Pacific Ring of Fire.

As one of the countries involve in the ring of fire, Japan‘s recent earthquake was another shocked to the public and the whole world after the 2004 tsunami happening in Ache and the other counties around Indian Ocean.

The Japanese archipelago is located in an area where several continental and oceanic plates meet. This is the cause of  frequent earthquakes and the presence of many volcanic and hot spring across Japan. If earthquakes occur below or close to the ocean, they may trigger tidal waves “tsunami”

The picture below shows the map of the  active volcanic activities through out the world.

Japan is one those counties in the street of  ” The Ring Of Fire”  This natural phenomena nothing could stop even the high tech country.  Thus this made me to think of God‘s power not any one in this world can or will stop it. What we have  to do is to pray for our safety,  for those who are believers.  Be alert and accept that what ever happen is in God’s own  ability and power.

Be prepared to what ever happen on us , as we already know that there are natural phenomenon will occur in the future. I sympathized on what  was happening in Japan, but I just could say my prayer. to those who were badly affected by the tsunami.

As stated in the  associated press  that  millions of people were facing a fourth night without water, food or heating in near-freezing temperatures in the devastated northeast. Meanwhile, a third reactor at a nuclear power plant lost its cooling capacity, raising fears of a meltdown, while the stock market plunged over the likelihood of huge losses by Japanese industries including big names such as Toyota and Honda. Thus this may causes lost of income in the country.

Funeral problem also occur, “”We have already begun cremations, but we can only handle 18 bodies a day. We are overwhelmed and are asking other cites to help us deal with bodies. We only have one crematorium in town,” Katsuhiko Abe, an official in Soma, told The Associated Press.

“We have requested funeral homes across the nation to send us many body bags and coffins. But we simply don’t have enough,” he told the AP. “We just did not expect such a thing to happen. It’s just overwhelming.”

I hope  these  will end very soon so that people of Japan especially those in the affected area could start there livelihood as usual.

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